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Hang gliding and paragliding are the least expensive and easiest ways to fly. Because of this, you may think you can just strap in and take off. Although no law may stop you from doing this, it is generally not a good idea.

Flying can be fatal. Do not fool yourself into thinking otherwise. With proper training, guidance, judgment, and equipment, the risks can be minimized - but they can never be totally eliminated.

Wings to Fly ltd is dedicated to safety. Un-powered soaring flight can be a great joy to anyone lucky enough to have this experience. We want more people to experience this joy. However, we want people to be safe. If you are considering this form of recreation, please do all of the following things before taking your first flights:

  • Talk to Ohio Flyer club members and pilots
  • Visit the United States Hang Gliding Association web site here: USHPA
  • Talk to certified hang-glider or paraglider instructors
  • Watch, sign-up for, and attend training by a certified instructor
  • Join the USHGA, read the magazines, especially the incident reports
  • Learn as much as possible about weather and how it impacts flying decisions
  • Do not buy used equipment until you've flown under instructor guidance
  • Always fly with proper safety equipment. Helmet, gloves, boots, glasses, etc.
  • Never fly alone

Learning to fly is a life altering experience for many. Learning to fly is a commitment to safety, perseverance, maturity and preparation. But most of all, flying hang gliders is fun. Wings to Fly believes you will find that hang gliding will give you more lift and smiles for your investment than any other form of aviation. Hang gliding is a year round sport. Flying inspires people to excel and expand their horizons. It’s exhilarating and contagious. Make a gradual progression from fledgling to expert, stay within your limitations, be safe and have fun. The decision to fly is always yours. Make it the best decision you’ve ever made.