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Learn to fly hang gliders in Ohio

Using a stationary winch towing system, you can learn to fly solo in a modern training glider staying just a few feet above level ground until your skill and confidence allows you to feel comfortable flying to higher altitudes. When conditions permit, tandem flights on a wing designed for two will take you and an instructor 2000 feet high for a bird’s eye view of Ohio and an opportunity to pilot the glider.

Hang gliding in Ohio

Most people will find hang gliding to be a very natural way to fly. U. S. H. P. A. Certified instruction, using proven methods, will speed the learning process. With practice and at a fraction of the cost of other forms of aviation, you will be flying your own aircraft, climbing on the sun’s energy, staying aloft by virtue of your skill, patience and persistence, with the feel and sound of the air comforting your senses and giving you a new perspective on life.

Alden Aviation - Wings To Fly

Instruction by appointment, weekends and some evenings

Preparing for your Tandem Hang Gliding Flight

Instructor: John Alden (Contact)