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Madison, Indiana

The Madison flying site is actually in Kentucky and occasionally flown by Ohio pilots. The launch looks across the Ohio River into the small town of Madison, Indiana. The launch faces 020 degrees. It is a narrow and steep slot in a residential backyard. The ridge is about 3/4 mile long and the landing zone along the river is large and grassy. Good foot launch skills are important as the steep wooded launch is almost a cliff and there is little room for error. The site has been flown by hang glider pilots for several years and in June of 2003 was soared by two paraglider pilots. If you have never flown this site, please contact an Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana pilot who has flown the site before attempting a flight. Both the launch and the landing zone are available only by the good graces of the local property owners.

Directions: Go up the hill from the Dairy Queen on the Kentucky side of the bridge to Madison, Indiana.