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Hang Gliding

A hang glider is a personal aircraft consisting of an aluminum frame supported by wires, a nylon sail, and a harness for the pilot. There are many variations of this basic design. The sails are usually supported by batons. When flying, the pilot is suspended below the sail within a triangular frame known as the control bar. The pilot controls the pitch and yaw of the craft by shifting their weight with the help of the control bar. Most gliders can be setup to fly in 15 to 30 minutes but they are stored for ease of transport like this:

Gary's 10/6/07 scooter tow video.

View a clip of my launch at Richmond Dale into a nasty cross wind!

View a clip of a launch.

View clip of John test-flying the WW Sport 2

Tandem Aero-Towed Flights (video)

Here are two U-Tube videos shot by one of our students:

Hang Gliding Training: Day 1

Hang Gliding Training: Day 2