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For bird-like freedom you need: Wings to Fly ltd

Fee schedule 2/2016

Wings to Fly ltd. teaches hang gliding by appointment. Training sessions are scheduled weather permitting, and most are conducted at Aerodrome Wes/Mar, 16067 London Rd, Orient Ohio 43146 a private grass airfield about hour south of Columbus OH near Darbyville. Most instruction is solo foot launched over level ground via a stationary winch scooter tow system. Tandem instruction and Discovery flights are available.

The goal of instruction is to help you safely advance from your first day fledgling status to that of a Beginner and then onto achieving a Novice rating where you will have the skill, confidence, and certification to fly without direct instructor supervision. You will learn how to safely fly a hang glider, including training protocol, glider assembly and disassembly, preflight inspection, weather to fly, flight theory, ground handling, launching, landing and in-flight control. Average students achieve the Novice rating in 15 to 20 training sessions. All equipment for the training is provided. Course fees do not cover equipment damage. All tandem flights are instructional flights for recreational purposes.

Solo instruction is given in training sessions lasting 3 to 4 hours. Starting times vary according to weather and time of year. Often the mid day period is not suitable for beginner training. Class size is limited so that students can get in as many flight attempts as possible with a minimum of waiting. Students should dress for the weather. Consider wearing running shoes or lightweight hiking boots and long pants for first training sessions. You should also consider bringing water and food.

USHPA 30 day student/affiliate membership - $10
Full USHPA one year pilot membership - $150
Introductory 3 to 4 hour solo foot launched training session - $150.
Additional training sessions - $100 each
Private training sessions - $160
The 10 session Beginner Course - $950
The 20 session Novice course - $1800
Technique Clinic - $75 - For rated pilots needing help with launching, landing, towing and flying skills

Cash or checks are accepted for payment.

Tandem aero towed Discovery Flights $30 plus ground school to 1000 ft. - $150, 2000 ft. - $175, each additional 1000 ft. of tow - $50. 230 lb. maximum student pilot weight in ideal conditions
Tandem winch towed Discovery Flights to 350 to 1000 ft., 3 to 20 min. $150, or two for $175; 220 lb. max
Tandem instructional flights $30 plus ground school to 2000 ft. in calm air - 4 flights for $650 including ground school

Novice and higher rated pilots with their own equipment can scooter tow for $5.00/tow, $30/day minimum fee.
$30 winch setup fee waived for two or more pilots.

Equipment rental: Single surface Gliders- $30/day on site, $50 off site.
Double surface Gliders- $50/day on site, $70.00 off site
Harnesses, Helmets, Releases, Bridles, Chutes, Instruments - $5ea/day on site, $10ea/day off site

Your instructor will help you determine the best new or used equipment for your needs. Training glider control bar uprights are $60 ea. Battens are $40ea. Bridles are $15 each. Releases are $25 each. Helmets are $150 to $250 and harnesses are $650 to $1900. Emergency parachutes range from $600 to $1200. New entry-level wings start at $3700. New intermediate and advanced level wings range from $4000 to $11,500+. Instruments to aid soaring and navigation range from $150 to $1500. There is a very good used equipment market where savings exceeding 50% can be found.

Wings to Fly ltd believes you will find that hang gliding will give you more lift and smiles for your investment than any other form of aviation. Make a gradual progression from fledgling to expert, stay within your limitations, be safe, and have fun. The decision to fly is always yours. It can be one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Instructor: John Alden phone# 614-795-2718 mailing address 1049 S Washington Ave Columbus OH 43206